Using Rentalios Management, you can manage your Private Room rentals on Airbnb.

Introducing Rentalios Management's new Landlord Tools page, designed specifically for landlords managing their private room rentals on Airbnb.


Here are three key features that are sure to make your life easier:



Say goodbye to Airbnb's limited view of your upcoming bookings. With Rentalios Management's Multicalendar, you can see all your bookings in one place, both on desktop and mobile. This feature saves you time and streamlines your booking management process.


Smart Pricing

Maximize your rental income by automatically adjusting your listing prices based on market conditions. With Rentalios Management's Smart Pricing feature, you can fill in gaps in occupancy by automatically lowering prices during those times. This feature ensures that your listing is always priced competitively, without you having to constantly monitor the market.


Automatic Chore Assignments

Managing chores in a room-by-room rental can be a nightmare for landlords. With guests arriving and departing on different dates, the pool of guests available to rotate chores is always changing. Rentalios Management's Automatic Chore Assignments feature solves this problem by automating the chore rotation process. It ensures that the rotation is fair and efficient, following a set of business rules to make your life easier.

Try out these features on Rentalios Management's Landlord Tools page today
and see how they can simplify your rental management process.
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